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Fictional look at Heaven recently released - free 10/13-10/15

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I just released My First 10,000 Years in Heaven. I'm doing a Amazon promo, so you can get it for free Mon (10/13) through Wed (10/15). I'd love it if you'd grab a copy, read it, and leave a review.





Would you want to skydive in Heaven?

My First 10,000 Years in Heaven is an astonishing tale of one man’s first years in Heaven, exploring the wonders our eternal home might hold.

What will he feel when he encounters our holy God and Jesus? How will his mistreatment of his family on Earth affect his life in Heaven? What will he find as he explores God’s vast new creation? How will he interact with the members of his enormous, diverse, new family? What capabilities of his resurrected body will he discover? Which animal friends will he make?

What you won’t see him doing is sitting on clouds or strumming on harps.

My First 10,000 Years in Heaven is a Biblically-based tale that will increase your desire for what God is preparing for our eternal home.


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1 minute ago, jonjovi said:

Congratulations ...already seven five star reviews on Amazon!


Thanks. I learned a hard lesson with this being my first time I did a book launch. MAKE SURE your advanced copy readers mention they got an advanced copy in their review. I had 3 people tell me they had reviews blocked and they cannot leave another review because they failed to do so. :( I fear others were blocked and didn't tell me.

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