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I use Libre.Office for my stories, and they are automatically put in an odt file (I can also make it into a PDF, if desired). However, this website only lets me put files in png, gif, jpg, or jpeg. Does anybody know how to turn an odt into one of those on Libre.Office? It would really help me out so that I wouldn't have to keep typing it out every time I want to post something for critique from Libre. Thanks.

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Hmmm... In Libre, highlight what you want to copy and right click on it. It should come up with an option to copy. Click that. Now come to this site, right click where you want to paste. It should give you an option to paste.


If it's not working, it might be your computer. Computers sometimes have a minds of their own. LOL! :D 


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1 hour ago, Ky_GirlatHeart said:

I think my computer did have a mind of its own earlier. I right clicked, but it would always show paste and never copy. 😕

Did you highlight what you wanted to copy before you right clicked?


Glad you got it copied!!

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