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Please listen to this sample - then consider reviewing?

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Hello fellow writers and workers in the Lord!


I'd really appreciate some reviews for my new preteen Christian adventure called:

Jesus, The Good Trouble Maker.


I thought I'd make it more appealing by dramatising some of it - take a listen - and if you would like to review the book (it's about an hour and fifteen minutes long read), please let me know!




PS. The book is available on Amazon

[book:Jesus, The Good Trouble Maker: Hero? Enemy? Or Son of God? A Bible Adventure for Building Faith and Making up Your Own Mind|55511216]

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I just finished listening to it. I enjoyed the sound effects in the background, and I could visualize it all as it happened. I'll need to pray about it if I should be a beta reader or not, but I'll do my best to get back to you.

And were you the one who was reading that chapter? If so, I really like your accent! :D

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Thank you Ky_GirlatHeart. That's encouraging to hear. Just let me know about the beta-reading.


Yes, that is my English accent. England has a variety of accents: mine is from the South of England although the area I originally come from sounds quite different. It's a bit like the South LA of London! 


Now, it's closer to the Queen's English 😆

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On 10/25/2020 at 4:17 PM, suspensewriter said:

All right, my first reaction is just a bit over dramatized, no?  And there's no volume control, which makes it rather annoying, I think. 


The narrator was good, but he was lost in the noise and drama.  Sorry, but that's the way that I feel.


Thanks for your input suspense writer. It's just designed as a teaser/taster.


With regards to overdramatic though - possibly not. Did you know Julius Africanus quoted Thallus in a letter that said the earthquake at the crucifixion caused 'buildings to come down all over Judea." So perhaps not that overdramatic after all. Check it out. 🙂

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