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My name is Russell. I am a fellow Christian.


I am an aspiring Christian non-fiction book writer.


I have a book that has been sitting on my desktop for many years. It is a huge dream of mine for that book to be published.


That book is called "What Does It Mean To Be Free?". In that book, I try to define what it means to be free. This topic, being free, should be uniquely applied to each of our own lives. Being free can touch so many aspects of our lives, such as worry, hope, and wonderment. I share my life experiences that have either led to become more free, or less so. I also share some of my deepest secrets. The book describes how God is the preeminent way of becoming truly free.


I feel that God has given me this dream of the book being published, and also of being a Christian book writer.


I also have other book ideas as well. One book idea is "Hope: This Is What We Crave, which would talk about how we all need and crave hope, even when we are doing fine. The other book idea is Desire, which would talk about how sometimes what we desire isn't what we truly need.


A little bit about me:


I go to a local church and I used to volunteer at the bookstore there.


I love to go running while listening to Christian music.


Additionally, I enjoy going sailing with my dad.


I am so glad that I found this website as I think this is the perfect place to share the book that I have written, to explore writing opportunities, and to connect with fellow Christians.


God Bless!

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I am probably later than I normally would be, but welcome to the family! I'm glad that the Holy Spirit has led you here, and may you continually be blessed with wisdom according to God's Word! Feel free to explore, join some clubs, or post some writings for us to read! Can't wait to read them too, Lord willing! God bless, and I'll see you around!

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