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Unconditional Love

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A poem about the most and best true love we could ever hope to find


True love is patient, true love is kind

This kind love on earth, you cannot find

so perfect, so forgiving, without ill intent

no strings attached, is how it is meant


No force or restraining, this love doesn't bind

with no records of wrong, this love is truly blind

it is given to everybody with no expect for reward

but the cost was far greater, than we could ever afford


This love never gives up, or will ever disappear

it stands tall and fights, it will conquer any fear

it will lift you up, put you upon the higher ground

bring you comfort and peace, when you're feeling down


This love never fails, the fight is never too long

it is not weak nor limited, but infinite and strong

it hopes for the best,  gives you strength through the worst

it quenches emptiness inside, with this you'll never thirst


This love endures all things, when wrong knocks on the door

it will keep taking the blows, but forgive all the more

It seeks you as a host, a place of intimate residence

to change your life and transform you from selfishness


This love chose you while you were yet still an enemy of God the Father

He chose to descent to earth from Heaven, how could love go any farther

and while those who crucified, beat and flogged him trampled over him

He forgave them and became the lamb, the sacrifice to completely conquer sin


This love seeks to reunite you with God the Heavenly Father on high

it went so far to prove this, that on the cross He was willing to die

The ultimate goal is to change you, to see the final job done

to transform you from sinner to saint into the image of God's own Son

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