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Jared Williams

beta reader Beta Reading for Adventures of the Last Aygiff

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Finally sat down and finalized the edits from this and another forum I'm on, fixing and updating all the critiques graciously given to me so far. I think it may be ready for beta reading now. I have a number of beta readers on it right now, but they are from friends, and not writers themselves, so it's more of an audience read for me. 


I would love any further help that you are willing to give toward the book. The easiest way for me to share the book would be to share it through google docs, which I would only need your gmail address for. In that format, you would be able to directly message me through the webpage. But if you do not have a gmail account, I can also do a similar sharing method with your general email, but i would be providing you with a URL, privately published website from which to view the manuscript. If you do prefer a different method, please let me know, and I can see if I can't oblige you. I don't have word on my mac, so it can be cumbersome transferring between the systems, but it can be done. 


I have yet to write a synopsis for the book, but here's a brief attempt:


Abirami, orphaned and ostracized, struggles to survive with his adopted family of outcasts. Hiding from the tyrant upon the throne, he quickly finds his past throwing his present into chaos and clouding his future. In this original fantasy adventure, filled with different races that can fly, transform, and even manipulate nature itself, the imagination is inspired and the sky's the limit. I welcome you to come and explore this brand new world in the Adventures of the Last Aygiff

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Hey Jared, I’d love to read your book, though my suggestions will be mostly plot, characterization, and style. You are far better than I with the mechanics! I think you’ve got my gmail already.

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