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critique & feedback Peace, Like Solomon Never Knew

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Peace, Like Solomon Never Knew is part commentary on Ecclesiastes, part foray into eschatology. It proposes a novel historicist framework for Bible prophecy related to the end times based on Ecclesiastes, Job, Psalm 119, the story of Noah from Genesis, Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, and Revelation 2-3. I doubt you have ever seen anything like it before. I call it computational eschatology. (There is Some math involved.) I DO NOT set a date for Christ’s return. (The earlier the better, in my book.) 

I would like to swap critiques. I am open to reading fantasy, sci-fi, YAF, Christian nonfiction, History, and some sub genres of Romance.

The critique need not be comprehensive. My manuscript is LONG. it is currently 560 pages (144,000 words) and I have four more chapters to go, so it will clock in at about 625 pages when I finish. I expect to complete my first draft around Thanksgiving. I am not on any schedule other than “before I go to meet the Lord”. (I am in good health.)


My chief concerns are Biblical orthodoxy, organization, clarity and finding stuff to cut. Previously, I have published three fantasy novels and two Christian nonfiction (one on worship, one on The Book of Job and resiliency). We live in weird times. The main goal of the Book is to encourage inner peace based on trusting God today (by finding a meaningful life through faith) and in the long run (thus the prophecy). 

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