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Back again hoping for Christian input on speculative Christian fiction, which is what my stories seem to gravitate to. I've worried about reference to  "old wives' tales" and try to avoid too much reading from other sites that preach religious biblical literalism rather than personal study and prayer for guidance.


Every day I try to realize this is the day of salvation for this day in the Lord. Writing fiction as a Christian is wonderful and most of the time works better than journaling. I delete most online posts after copying them to my journal. That suffices for emotional word spew most of the time so I can get back to my characters and their adventures in Story Land.


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Thanks! I look forward to learning more about writing biblical era fiction but without identifying with specific bible characters. My new WIP is set in the Sinai around 1500 BCE. Just getting started on the names and locations to attempt to avoid trespassing on anyone or anything! Lots of time in the beginning phases will help me do that. I hope! I do have an ending, sort of, and my FMC.

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