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I think this is a site-related question. If not, I apologize for the confusion.


So I'm wanting to better organize my topics (in the group I formed a while back).  A group that's been renamed a couple of times (and may be again, but hopefully not). The Writers Melting Pot is what I've been calling it more recently.


I started making topics almost like a crazy person, but they're all messed up. HOW can I organize them? What if I want to move on conversation into another topic so I can delete the first?


Does any of this make sense?

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Based on my understanding of this, you're trying to organize all of your topics into a group you made. I'm not sure if you're able to create another forum, but I know you can make your own club and have topics there.

I also think that moderators can move your topics to other forums when necessary. I've asked a question before on the General Discussion page that was site-related, and Rebecca kindly moved it over to Support and Suggestions.

You might want to ask @Rebecca or @lynnmosher for a better answer. They definitely have more knowledge about this site!

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