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Your symptoms could well be the result of uc. Looks like arthritis is indeed a symptom.


Problem is lyme/bartonella mimicks a lot of things, and people with it are often misdiagnosed multiple times with diseases like ms, lupus, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, etc.

I had a friend diagnosed with a severe form of vertigo-and was prescribed meds for it for years before they found out she had lyme.  She spent most of her days in bed with severe migraines before they got her squared away.


I was told I was just dehydrated...😡


Lyme/co-infections may also cause, or worsen pre-existing conditions like uc.


Some of the main symptoms are joint pain and fatigue, but there are loads of others depending on which system it's harboring in. Joint/tendon pain is also a major symptom for bartonella. Gut issues are common with both.


Point being, it wouldn't hurt to get tested and prayerfully rule it out.


Western blot is your best shot at getting an accurate reading for lyme, but it is very possible to get a false negative.


Some states now require doctors to explain that a negative reading doesn't necessarily mean the disease is absent, though that is less likely the case the longer the infection is left untreated.


There isn't a good test for bartonella. You just have to do your research and talk to a knowledgeable doctor


Autoimmune stuff is tricky isn't it? Nice to know we'll get new bodies one day.


Praying for healing still. Hang in there @Jared Williams.



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