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It took me a few days to realize how this site works. I expected more of a typical forum, but it has a forum/Facebook feel to it. I wish there was a little more explanation, maybe more of an FAQ that explains things such as:


Status updates. I still don't see how to make one of my own. I know it's not because of low posts, since someone with lower posts than me managed to make a status update, so I'm just missing the place to do that somehow. Also, I didn't see how to comment on someone else's status update, and THAT may have been before I had 10 posts. (If not,  then it was just me who missed it. If so, it would be nice to have something explaining "here's what you can do when you reach 10 posts." I did see that you needed that in order to see the critique section, but that's all I knew.)

Clubs. I was so confused and thought they were just a blog style and that the main topic was buried beneath all the newsfeed stuff, and yesterday I finally noticed the "topic" buttons.


Now that I'm getting the hang of it, I'm really loving this site! It just would be easier if "how this works" was somewhere more prominent.


(EDIT: I just did a little more digging and found the status update option in my account settings!)

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JA, to make a status update, go to your profile and post a comment there. We've been meaning for some time to list the inner workings. So thank you for the nudge. Will try to get on it. :D

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