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*Facepalms* I was so busy with life that I totally forgot to tell y'all about the release of my first book!!! Links of the Two Worlds came out on the seventeenth, just as planned... along with a five star review from the author of 63 books (Jenn Faulk)! *Faints*

I just want to say thank you so much to @Jared Williams, @Zee, and @Other people whose names have slipped my mind.... (sorry, other people!) for helping me out in the critique forum. Y'all were such a blessing, and I hate to think of what my book would've ended up looking like without you. It's surprising what a difference can come from critique partners, a couple dozens betas, and a proofreader, isn't it!? 

Thank you so much to @Nicola, as well. For 1) being an early reader for me, and 2) offering me the opportunity to be interviewed (for the first time in my life)!!!

And also thank you so much to everyone in this group. There are so many people here who have supported me and lifted me up in numerous ways on this corner of the internet. Y'all've been more of a blessing than you'll ever know. 😊



Lindsay is a two-inch-tall, fourteen-year-old girl who lived a normal life with her tribe until Nathen came along. When an Upperlander shrinks, will she be able to put things back to normal_ Joi.png

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