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Better, Lasting Things

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After reading Hebrews Hebrews 10:5-39


Jesus was the curtain,
Incarnation torn
From His soul to open
His Holy Place by Blood.


The One, the Holy Sacrifice
Once, for all has died.
The One God is now One for all,
Has completed the being-made holy.  


Draw near to the sprinkling,
Provisioned to be sincere,
Minds released from guilt,
Bodies baptized to be pure.


Spur on one another
Toward love and all goodness,
Since the Day approaches,
Encouraged when we've met.


Better, lasting things*
We have if we confess,**
Therefore we do not throw
Away our confidence.


So richly rewarded,
This persevering band,
We are not ones who shrink back,
We believe, are saved, are glad!

* Hebrews 10:34
** That is, a confessing/witnessing trust (Matthew 10:32)

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