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3 Important Line Edits to Make Your Writing Shine

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I always spend a lot of time removing filler words (called weasel words or equivocations by some). Adverbs and adjectives, too.


The sentence starter thing is something I deal with subconciously as I write, fixing it only when an egregious example of repetition jumps out at me. I should be deliberate about it.


I liked the statistics about how often names or pronouns start sentences in several popular novels. 

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I looked at the AutoCrit website.  


It does look useful. I like the fact that it is author orientated and you can compare your work to published books. (Useful when writing to agents/publishers). The one thing it does not tell you is how much it costs. It only provides the offer of a free trial.


I really don't like it when sites do that. Anyone know the annual subscription rate?


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