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The Seven Days of Creation

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At first it was only

A dark, lifeless mass;

God, who alone is Holy,

Made all things come to pass.

He spoke all things into existence,

As a part of His Divine plan;

See, He didn't need persistence.

Why, He even created man!

First came the first day

Where darkness followed light;

The light was crowned the king of the day

While darkness stole the night.

Second came day two,

When the seas and the skies

Were separated by God, too;

Ordained with wonder to our eyes!

Next came day three,

And nature was budding anew.

Each flower, bush, cactus, tree

Were rustled by the wind that flew.

Then came day four-

Bringing the sun, moon, and stars;

All gleaming brightly more and more,

Complimented by Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars.

Day five suffered no loss

As God spread forth His hand;

Dropping goldfish and catfish, the duck and the albatross,

Which landed in the waters or soared above land.

Now, day six was special indeed.

Listen closely, and I'll tell you why.

Out chattered the chipmunk, eating nuts and seed;

Out bounded the lamb with a simple bleating cry.

Out came the kangaroo, hopping to and fro;

Here lies the lion, waving its long tail;

This is the monkey, among the tress he will come and go;

Now that is the cow, grazing in the gale.

But more special than these creatures,

God created the very first man.

From the dust He gave Him features,

Shaping Him cautiously with His hand.

Then the great moment had come

As every creature gathered 'round;

Eyes were widened to more than some,

And straggling ones hurried to a bound.

A stillness reigned above that clan

While God inhaled a breath deep and strong

And puffed it into the man-

It didn't take very long;

Til the man opened his eyes

And saw His precious Maker,

He did not feel any surprise

Because He alone is God, the ultimate Creator.

After that day seven sank into place,

But God did not make anything.

He observed the planets rotating in space;

He smiled as He heard the bluebirds sing.

He used the day to take a rest

To set for us an example;

That we should set aside a day to be blessed

For our souls to be filled with His Spirit ample.

"Now, what was the purpose of this?" you ask.

This is the reason why:

Don't you think you should know Who created this all in a simple task?

Don't you think we should know Who He is at the sound of an infant's cry?

No one - and nothing else - made all that we see

Except the Holy God Himself;

Who only had to speak so that we could have that cloud, that ant, that tree;

And He is that same Holy God who paid for mankind's sin Himself.

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