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What is Your Least Favorite Subgenre?

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I think Dystopian stories are great.  And I think the subgenre was complete with Brave New World, Animal Farm, and 1984.


Anything after that is nothing more than repetition.

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Interesting thread.


I not sure I have a pet hate of a subgenre - my big peeve is badly written contrived stories full stop.


But I can put up with a contrive or predictable story if it is well written e.g Barbara Cartland - an English writer from where I live now - wrote Mills and Boon style romances but her writing was much better than your average M&Bs. 


There is a big Amish reading market - I have been researching for a book idea - you are right about the covers though. Lancashire Burning is a well know series and Ben's Wayne all about a youth's Rumpsringa - is another.


If I have a genre dislike I think it sicence fiction - sicence fantasy - depanding on the story.  I loved Ann McCaffey's Dragon Stories and David Eddings Blgariad series too. but if it is political or about alliens I'm not interested.


Slash fiction -  horror fiction stories -  is  another one. It is often guritiously violent and degards women in their stories. Definately ones for the bonfire IMO.


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Posted (edited)

     While Dystopian novels like Brave New World, Animal Farm, and 1984 have been mentioned, here's something I find very troubling.  When I turn on the TV News, or read non-fiction articles concerning what's going on in the real world, it looks like we're now living in an actual dystopian era. 

     Lord have mercy and save us from those who would save us. 

     I ask in Jesus Name.  Amen.  

Edited by William D'Andrea

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