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Churches in Virginia Should Warm Up Their Lawyers

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“The message is clear—Virginia will crush you if you disobey,” writes Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a pro-Christian legal ministry standing up for religious freedom in America.


A very dramatic statement, but while this article lists a number of potential problems for churches, it fails to (even once) refer to the specific law that is behind the alleged problems. So it all becomes what the ADF thinks could happen.


I live and work at a church in Massachusetts - one of the most liberal states in the country. Not too long ago they passed a bathroom ordnance to accommodate transgenders. Churches were scrambling because the if they didn't have bathrooms that complied with the new ordnance, they could be shut down or sued. Well, the state (commonwealth, actually) almost immediately clarified the law to exempt churches, because there's no way it could stand up to federal laws. They actually did a similar thing when it came to LGBTQ employment laws a few years ago.  


So I very much doubt that VA would/could do something like this, and if they did, it'll likely get clarified soon.  






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