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Make the Scenes in Your Novel Flow and Capture Readers

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I am mindful as I write my first draft that the start and end of every chapter and scene is important, but dont always get it right. When I get to the rewrite phase, I always make one pass through my book to check every single chapter/scene start and finish. When I critique other writers, I do the same.


During rewrite, if a chapter is too long, I have to split it. This creates a new chapter end/start pair. Deciding where to make the cut for maximum suspense or impact is important.


Another part of rewrite is adding new plot threads. I do this if the first draft is lightweight. Deciding where to inject the new scenes is another crucial decision. Sometimes it means cutting away from a big scene, then cutting back. Again, this is another opportunity to heighten the suspense. It involves new scene start/end pairs being added. Again you need to practice this technique. It factors into so many decisions during the editing phase.

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