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Jesus in the OT

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I am more of an evangelist than a writer, but I have been asked to write by many. Though I can speak, I find it difficult to write without the immediate feedback of a live audience which permits on-the-fly adjustments.  I teach the Bible using a second century hermeneutic which produces pictures of Christ throughout the OT. The rabbis say that Hebrew words get their meaning from the combined meaning of the letters. Though they cannot say how it is done, I am finding it to be true when you look at them in light of the cross.


A brief example is that of the word for "ground" 'adamah' אדמה which contains "Adam" who came from the ground. Adam is made of blood 'dam' and spirit 'a'.  The blood דם is the commandment ד finished by the son ם.   It appears as though Hebrew begs us to understand it more deeply. Because the rabbis will not acknowledge the cross, they cannot discern the meaning of 'blood'.


In fact, it appears that the Hebrew alphabet itself is a message of Christ.  The symbols and metaphor used to hide the 'mystery hidden from the beginning' are derived from the letters and words, avoiding free-for-all allegory.


I am teaching pastors, and children as young as eight, to see Christ in the scriptures.


I'd really rather have someone else write what they learn, but I guess I have to buckle down and do it.  The real difficulty is that exegeting the pictures is much like trying to explain a riddle.  People think the answer to "Why did the chicken cross the road?" is "To get to the other side." But the real answer is "To get to the other side."  Initially most don't understand what I just said. Some will understand if I explain that "the other side" is a euphemism for death.  Others require that I spell it out with a crayon: When you are driving down the road and see a dead chicken in the road, you ask the riddle: Why...  The answer is "to get to heaven."


The pictures of Christ are hidden in childish riddles, easily understood by a Hebrew speaking child, but nearly impossible for a non-Hebrew speaker to identify. They are even harder for the 'wise' among us who think that God would not speak to us in such a childish way.


I don't really know who the audience for my teaching would be, so I am unable to scale the explanations.  




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Awesome, Bob! The first thing I would say is: don't listen to others who tell you to write. They may be right. But be sure it is the Lord's leading first and foremost. I loooooove digging into the Word's definitions, especially the Hebrew. We miss so much without knowing the full meaning of so many words. So glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. I know you'll find the Lord's leading for your writing..or not writing. :D

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Sounds great!  We don't always know how our journey will go, but it is important that we begin the journey God has called us too.

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