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Poetry challenge 2012

Keith Wallis

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I'm wondering whether you guys are up for me arranging for a print run of the haiku challenge. I do need your permission to print your work but there is no obligation on your part apart from giving me that permission. I do my books at Blurb. Please give me some feed back via the link below.




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Yet another ANNOUNCEMENT - hopefully the last for a while.





I still need permission and couple of lines of bios from Mona & tellingHISstory94 before I can proceed.





The cover - (currently being improved)





Below is the 'Contributors to this book' info which may not be exactly as sent so please check and ammend



Keith Wallis: Is a design engineer - a discipline which informs his poetry with an eye for detail and invention. He is married with two sons and three grandsons.



A moderator at ChristianWriters.com he set the challenge that became this booklet. He is poet in residence at Ruby magazine with a number of books under his belt and several blogs all of which can be accessed via his main blog:






Carpie: (John Carpenter) recently finished his first novel ‘The Adventures of Trapper Jake’ to be published by Westbow Press. He works with middle school students at Faith Chapel in Billings Montana. Though a disabled man with osteoarthritis he can still can function and work part time as a substitute teacher. Married with four adult children and five grandchidren.



chappie: (Janis Chapman) was born on the island of Trinidad. Her tertiary education was in Toronto, Ontario. For 24 years she was a high school teacher in Trinidad. She delights in reading fiction, classical and suspense novels and writing short stories, fiction novels and articles on current issues. She can make a boast of having two unpublished novels under her belt which are presently undergoing surgical revision.



(Janet): Is a Christian who writes short stories, novellas, poetry and blogs.



Faith, Family, Fitness and Food is the focus of her blog: ‘Digital Scale, GPS and Me’:






JayBee: Jack Brown was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire (UK) and is married with two children.



blog: ‘Random Thoughts’ :






mbeachbum: (Marlene Welch) has taught English, history, and journalism over the last twenty years in West Virginia. A writer of both fiction and non-fiction, she has been published in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel and WALK! magazine. She and her husband are proud parents of two grown children and one spoiled black labrador retriever.



SandiGrace: (Susan Beck) has been a believer in Jesus Christ for nearly 40 years, and has been studying and teaching the abundant evidence for Creation as taught in Genesis. She lives in Arizona, USA, with her family.



blog: www.originsofall.wordpress.com

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