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Poetry challenge 2012

Keith Wallis

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2012 so it's time for a new poetry challege. 2011 was great - 250 entries and over 10,000 views ! Thanks to everyone who took part and made for an interesting read.


Something different for 2012


How are you at HAIKU ?


In its simplest form it is a three-line poem with five syllables on the first line, seven on the second and five on the third. There are refinements - google 'Haiku' and you'll find some more stringent rules if you want to get into that kind of strait-jacket. I'll open the new challenge now which will be to write a haiku using any one word/phrase from the previous haiku. It'll be more restrictive than the freedom we had last year but lets see how we go.





NB. You will need to go to the LAST (most recent) post to pick up the prompt. Best done by clicking on this link: http://christianwrit...ew__getlastpost



(the opening Haiku 2012 was:


The New Year opens


flowering fresh excitement;


meeting God daily.)


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