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William D'Andrea

My Computer's Finally Back on Line

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    Hello everyone on christianwriters.com.  If anyone's been wondering about why you haven't seen any posting from me over the past three weeks, it was due to a technical problem.  I lost my on line connection to everything.  I couldn't accomplish anything.

   When it comes to using computers, I know enough to accomplish what I want to do while using the internet.  Beyond that, when it comes to the technology,  I'm lost in the wilderness.  I thought my old computer had completely broken down, and that I might have to buy a new one, or have very expensive repairs.

   Fortunately, I was able to get the right help.  An associate Pastor at the Church I attend is very knowledgeable about computers and the internet.  Early yesterday afternoon, he came over and didn't have to make any repairs.  All he did was make a few clicks and quickly got me back on line.  Now everything's working properly, and I'm able to contact all of you again.  

   Once he was gone, the first problem I had to deal with was that I had three weeks of unread e-mails waiting on yahoo.  This meant I had a lot of deleting to do.  That took me from about 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM.  Now things are back to normal.

    I truly thank the Lord for blessing me with the assistance I received from the associate Pastor. 

    I'm now looking forward to rejoining all of you here on christianwriters.com.


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