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I made it to first base (with my book)

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I am in the mood for giving thanks. A few months ago, I undertook a writing project that I tried and gave up on years ago: an exploration of Ecclesiastes. Last time around, I could not figure Ecclesiastes out at all. If research is warmup, then third base is a complete first draft and home plate is edits done and ready to send out to publishers.


I just reached first base: eleven chapters written, twenty-one to go. At present rate, I should reach third base in December.


Working from home is harder than working in the office; I miss my colleagues, a great bunch of people. But the dozen hours of commuting I save each week I have poured into writing (and some goofing off). Without the extra time, I would not have been able to sustain the extra effort necessary to tackle such a challenging subject.


If something like this has happened to you, dream big. Make the most of every opportunity. I started the year two thirds of the way through writing a YA fantasy. I tabled it – a fun project I was enjoying immensely – to tackle something heavy: finding peace. It just seemed like the right thing to do.


The first month, when I was doing the research and coming up with an outline, I kept threatening to quit. I think I was arguing with God. I was sure my ideas were off base, unsupportable, illogical. I was looking for a reason to give up. Every time I encountered a difficulty - hah! No way I can defend that with evidence. Thesis is wrong, I can stop now - God just opened my eyes or directed me to something I had not noticed before.


The ideas became so complex, I could not figure out an orderly way to structure the information. In fact, there were places I could see no logical order tying things together. A member here at CW suggested mind mapping. I hate having to learn new tricks! I am lazy. But I decided to give it a try, and it opened my eyes to a pattern I completely missed before, so important that it gave me a key insight I could use for one of the most important chapters.

And then I had a complete, coherent outline. No choice but to write the thing.


dream big.

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3 minutes ago, paulchernoch said:

I kept threatening to quit. I think I was arguing with God.

I think we all do this at some point in our lives. I'm glad He guilded you where you needed to be. Congratulations!! 🙂🥳🥳

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