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(after reading reading Matthew 10:32 and Matthew 10:38-42)


Note:   I'm excited that today I'm breaking my COVID fellowship fast to go to my church's early morning service.   Excited, because there we receive,  behold, gain fresh hope and transition to another phase of "out to the world in His Name".   Below, I wrote this to a folk melody/song I have in my head, an imaginary hammered dulcimer clanging in the  background:


How lucky are we when fellowship sways

When we are together

While we are together

We receive the Son


How unlike our former natures are we

Taking the Supper

Savoring the Supper

The Son in His Glory so speaks


Beyond the hills, Heaven's hope in us climbs

We take our leave

Healed in this reprieve

To travel the Son-soaken Way


Six days shall we work, entrust seed to the Father

Watching in prayer

A heart's distance, praying

Until the Day made for us awakes



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