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56 minutes ago, suspensewriter said:

Oh, gosh, Alley, you find everything!

Lol! Still looking for the $20 and three left socks, the dryer monster ate! 😄

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On 5/22/2020 at 10:20 AM, Alley said:

but only when it is not tornado weather here in tornado alley.

Tornado alley here, too. I love writing during a "safe" storm.


When I'm writing before the kids are awake or after they've gone down, I like to listen to movie scores (How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 being MY FAVORITE) or instrumental worship music on YouTube. No lyrics, I can't do it.

I have stopped subscribing to the ideas of muse and writer's block. They were stealing my writing time (and as a homeschooling mom of 7, those hours are limited). Music is one of my hat-in-a-bag tricks. If I sit down to write and can't get into my story or what I thought I would be writing, I open a blank document and do 5 minutes of free, fast writing. Fast is key, for me. No editing. All the thoughts. Brain dump.

If that doesn't work, I key up the music when I can, and do another 5 minute exercise - this time a deep breathing exercise that is guided by my Samsung health app.

While I don't always have to do both, and honestly, usually just one or the other works, if I do have to do both, it's never failed me. I've always been able to open up the creative brain and let the words fly.

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1 hour ago, Regina Walker said:

homeschooling mom of 7, those hours are limited).

Amen! I also homeschool; with adult depends, we have a large household, and everything takes time. 😄 

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I love listening to music while writing, though it depends on the mood I'm in to what type, and I usually need to pause it if I can't think of the word I need. - you know, when it's on the tip of your brain, and you know it exists, you just can't remember it.... 


Some of my favorite music to listen to - 


for upbeat rock action, I usually listen to a playlist of TFK, Group1Crew, NF, Lecrae, Flame, and Red. 


for contemporary Christian, I have a huge playlist including many artists, some of my favorites including Keith Green, Rich Mullins, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Jeremy Camp, and many more...


I found an off-beat genre called Disney rock that's fun to listen to, look up the artists: Jonathan Young, and Caleb Hyles - Also sometimes a fun off beat genre is also Chase Holfelder, who sings covers in minor keys


For epic instrumentals there is Two Steps from Hell (not a demonic group), Hobbit/Lord of the Ring soundtrack, Inception soundtrack, and Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. 


Rare occasions I will listen to Boadway, like Wicked, and Lion King  (broadway soundtracks) for examples... On other rare occasions I will listen to operas like Carmen and Aida


For Big Band, or 20's - 40's music, I love listening to Bing Crosby, the Andrew Sisters, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller and Benny Goodman


a favorite for Irish music would be Celtic Thunder and Celtic Women


sometimes A small genre called melodic rock is very nice to listen to - evanescence, and manic bloom are two examples 


A Capella groups I love - Chapter 6, Home Free, Pentatonix


Sometimes I like listening to Souther Gospel, like the Booth Brothers, the Cathedrals, and Legacy Five. 


Though probably my ultimate favorite to listen to while writing, and probably most frequently listened to would be chorale music. I listen to Libera, one of my favorite all boys choir from England I think - very angelic voices; and Eric Whitacre, a genius when it comes to choral music. 



..... i guess I really do have an eclectic taste in music... i think listening to music while writing also has a lot to do with how familiar you are with the music - it should be something familiar enough to be able to become background while still being stimulating at the same time... I certainly doesn't work for everyone. 🙂

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On 5/22/2020 at 7:31 AM, Joseph S. Roberts said:

I don’t mean to sound like I’m judging but aren’t  Gregorian Chants Demonic?

Gregorian Chants are ancient worship music, sung in Latin.  As an example, the Christmas carol, "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" is a Gregorian Chant, translated into more modern English.


For further reference, here is a translation of some of the first lines of "Attende, Domine":


To Thee, highest King,
Redeemer of all,
do we lift up our eyes
in weeping:
Hear, O Christ, the prayers
of your servants.

Hear us, O Lord, and have mercy, because we have sinned against Thee.

Right hand of the Father,
way of salvation,
gate of heaven,
wash away our
stains of sin.


While the modality of the music may seem strange to our modern ears, I think it is amazing that the worship of Jesus Christ a millennia ago was written with such familiar phasing and words.


As for music for writing, I can't write with words in the background to save my life! I tend to look up soundtracks on YouTube that fit the "sound" of the setting of my writing. That is to say, what I would imagine the soundtrack of my book to be if it were a movie. 


Here's a fun tip I learned - some video game soundtracks are great, and last for hours due to the nature of games!

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I'll sometimes listen to film scores from John Williams or James Horner to warm up.


If a scene requires extra inspiration, then Jerry Goldsmith is my go-to. For some extra kick, Hans Zimmer usually does the trick.



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