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Painful Book Launch Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

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Yeah, like I suspected, I have no idea what I’m doing. But the good news is, there’s always another book...

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I had 20-something people show up to my launch and I thought that was fantastic. I spent all of about $50 on it too, because I had some friends willing to help out with a venue and some entertainment.


Personally I wouldn't recommend spending big money or trying to do a huge event for a launch. That may sound counter-intuitive, but in terms of risk/reward I don't feel like going all-in on the single event is a good strategy unless you are already a big name or you have tons of cash. 


And in this brave new world we're all experiencing, many people won't want to congregate no matter what you do. My next book is coming out in August and I am currently not planning to do any kind of in-person launch. 

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