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I believe now more then every that Jesus came into the world because he wanted to make us free and that where he is we can also be with him.

Jesus had so much love and devotion to doing what his father asked of him, thats not say that it was not love that drove him to cross for us.

He had a set purpose on this earth and he did what he was sent here to do.  Jesus became my savior my friend my everything not because of his

miracles but because of his love for me.  Every time that I am unable to sleep cause of physical pain he comes and he meets with me and comforts 

me and talks to me encourages me.  Jesus came that I can be free and come into relationship with him that I can be where he is.

free from bondage and lies Satan has put on us, free from sickness and diseases free from all darkness. No shackles No more bondage

I am Free to live for you.  I will live even though I die because of you Jesus. I will not be judged because I believe in you Jesus Christ. 

I am in relationship with you God through son Jesus Christ as your word say I love Jesus that means I love you God . Thank you for

your sacrifice your love and your teachings. Thank You God for you Son Amen!

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