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Keith Wallis

Poetry Challenge 2015

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Peace, Peace, they say



But no peace there is today



Prince and princess want us to obey



but no real power they display



Presidents, ministers and secretaries



in their pleasurable seats just stay



Politicians just make speeches



to afflicted species



Tolerance, relativity and social activity



the today's idols of 'positivity'



which make us have good visibility



in front of all other utilities



Deceit, lies and robbery



All specialties of the enemy



Have become the gravity



The force to bind with blasphemy



But no so the Prince of Peace



For humble in a manger He appears



No nice hotel there is



Together with the sheep He is



And His voice is sweet



Of salvation, comfort, no deceit



For 2000 years he speaks



To the hungry heart



And to those who receive



He would become Emannuel



A messanger of inward peace



of Godly union and trust



So remember Mr. 21-th. century



One is the Christ



It is no imaginary



As a man he came at last



Did He come you to save?

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