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I appreciate all you do to help fellow Christian writers. I am sure there is much "behind-the-scenes" work that does not get noticed. So, thank you!


I would like to suggest that ChristianWriters.com add a "Member Podcasts" listing.  I record a weekly podcast in conjunction with my weekly blog titled "Winning with the Word." Perhaps there are other members who also create podcasts.


Thank you for your kind consideration. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.


Many blessings,

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio




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MaryAnn, Rebecca is the one to see this and she will get to this as soon as she can. She is extremely busy right now with her day job, doing the work of three people as others have been let go. So sorry for the delay. Hang in there. :(

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I do appreciate the prayers. Thank you. ❤️ And I also greatly appreciate all of Lynn's help. She is a huge blessing to us all. 🙂


@MaryAnn Diorio - What do you have in mind for this type of feature? Do you have the podcast hosted somewhere where you could add a link into your blog (or better yet, automatically embed it)? Please let me know your thoughts on how this would work best.

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Hi, Rebecca,

I got the idea for a podcast listing from the listing of member blogs on this site.  I thought that, perhaps, there were other members who host a podcast and who would like to share their podcast with us.

For instance, I write a weekly blog called "Winning with the Word".  I also record my blog post as a podcast so that my audience has the option of either reading or listening.  

My podcast is available on Apple podcasts, Spreaker, and several other podcast venues.  Listeners can subscribe by downloading the Apple podcast app.

Here is the link to my latest blog/podcast:





I think it would be a blessing to all of us to have a listing of our members who are podcasters.

Thanks and Blessings,



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21 hours ago, MaryAnn Diorio said:

the listing of member blogs on this site


MaryAnn, can you please post a link to the blog listing you're referring to? I want to make sure we have the same thing in mind.

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