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A Word For The USA Church: The Church Must Remain Apolitical To Be Effective In Speaking Truth To Power

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Examples: When God Used King Cyrus And Emperor Constantine.


God, in His sovereignty, can use a believer, the unbeliever, the donkey (as with Balaam), the bird (as with Elijah), or the very stones (as with the kids holding their peace, Lk 19:37). Whenever God uses the 'un-Godly' sovereignly to do His will, if God's people interfere, God backs off. (By the un-Godly is meant those God expressly chooses to use over a nation even though they may not be Godly. By interference is meant what follows).


Every time God sovereignly chooses to use the un-Godly for His greater purpose, God's people, as the Body of Christ, must never praise and justify the evil ways of that un-Godly leader, nor shut their eyes and mouth, as though helping God to do what He alone can do. The Church must forever remain 'the pillar and the ground of the truth' (1 Tim 3:15); always speaking truth to power, and never let the 'gifts' of reversing 'their persecutions' to blind its Godly eyes and shut its prophetic voice. 


If the Church closes its eyes and mouth while lies are exalted in leadership, good is called evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20), then woe betides the future of the nation, for then justice stands afar off, truth is fallen in the streets and equity cannot enter the nation (Isaiah 59:14).


When the Church began praising Constantine for reversing the persecution of Christians, God backed off. It led to 1000 years of darkness: 500-1500 AD, until Martin Luther's call for repentance, and ultimately, reformation in the 1500s.


Israel never praised, celebrated nor defended Cyrus (Isaiah 45) in his un-Godliness when God used him for Israel. If they had defended his evil deeds or exalted Cyrus as their new "god", God would have backed off. His glory will He share with no one, not least the un-Godly. (The same thing happens when God punishes the wicked and the Godly starts rejoicing at the fall of the wicked, God backs off).


We call for prayers for the future of America's peace, progress, and global evangelization task. The world has been blessed by the USA. Let the world stand strong with the USA in prayers and supplications for all the saints and the future of the nation, in Jesus' name!

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A Word For The USA Church (Continued Here As Part B):

The Church Must Remain Apolitical To Be Effective In Speaking Truth To Power.


Note: The topic of the message remains 'As Is' with the title above in both parts. Nothing of Covid-19 was implied there nor here.


Part B: Talking About God Using A Donkey To Do His Sovereign Work: Here Comes The God-Pig!


When God used a donkey to do His sovereign work, the donkey prophesied with a man’s voice (Num 22:21-38). Make no mistake: that was not a man prophesying with a donkey’s voice (I know, you would have loved to see that one too!). We are talking about a donkey speaking from God with a man’s voice. That’s right. Just leave it as God would have it. Don’t add, don’t subtract, don’t’ bend it to suit your fantasies, and then miss the end of the miracle or the finals of what God had started for His own glory. Thinking about this … if that were to happen in this day and age.


Just imagine …and let’s have a lighter mood before we get serious: If God were to use a pig to do His sovereign miracle-work today, as He did with the donkey in the days of Balaam. I guess, some Christians would have jumped over themselves ecstatic, and put some red lipstick on the pig straightway. They would have flown the pig in a private Jet and taken her over for shopping at Harrods in London. Wear her some expensive red high-heel shoes, some blue mufflers, and a red hat, and turn around and say to the world, see, the pig that God used has just won a beauty contest!


Some of those Christians would have turned around and said to the Australian Church: The pig is actually a good Christian. Invite her to preach in your Church. Then, try hard to validate that, like: She was saved by the Salvation Army, baptized by the Baptists, had communion with the Catholics, and some other Evangelicals and Pentecostals have raised the offering to fly her around to help God finish the work He started. Yes, to help God finish the work that He started. Nothing else but our shame before God. We shall repent!


We just won’t let God finish what God alone started. We jump on the bandwagon and try to finish what God started with our fleshly and un-Godly wisdom. The Bible shows that whenever man takes over what God alone started, God abandons the Move midway (2 Samuel 6; Acts 27; Jonah 3 & 4)). Humans hijack God’s choice and plan and do crazy things like David did: move the ark (which was God’s will) but on a modern cart (man’s ways), or make a movie to show the God-pig was chosen of God.


So, on the way to getting an Isaac, we do God’s thing our way and wind up with an Ishmael (Gen 16). Thereby, allowing thirteen years of delay in getting an Isaac (13 years of divine silence between the end of Gen 16:16 where Abraham and Sarah had Ishmael and 17:1 where God got them back on track). Then, we wonder, did not God say He chose that pig and ordained that Isaac (Gen 12)? Yes, He did, but we did our own fleshly thing with 'Hagar', to try to help God, pandering and sucking up to the donkey or pig as the case may be. We would rather please the pig than please God, the vessel rather than the Maker. So, we fail to speak truth to power all because we do not speak truth to ourselves. All the time this happens in Church history, God turns around and uses the unbelievers to speak truth to the Church! Do we need a Daniel to read the handwriting on the wall?


The way forward occurred in Gen 17:1. God rebuked Abraham, “walk thou before me and be thou perfect” (no excuses, no compromises). All the talk of ’we’re just human; no one is perfect’; all that trash. God says, do it as I say do!. God says, if you want me to do it, do it my way. Abraham got it. He went on his face, repenting (verse 3). Lord, we are now repenting and should be repenting! He came through for Abraham, Isaac came, in God’s own time.


Even though it tarries, wait for it. It shall surely come, and He that shall come shall surely come. Come, Lord Jesus, the only Chosen One that was, and is, and is to come!

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