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Not really a writing job, but very similar. Not even sure if it's right for me to ask this of someone since I can't pay them, but was wondering if there was any interest out there.... 


I have a new fantasy book series I am working on. There are a lot of new and fantastic races that are introduced in my story (in fact, there aren't any normal races - no humans, elves, dwarves, etc.)  and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking some of my descriptions and sketching out a general look for each race? If I ever publish, I would love to include a appendix with the concept art for each of the races for the readers to look at (that's probably a long way off, though). I love art, but have absolutely no talent for it. The backdrop would be comparable to a medieval type cultural setting (as far as clothing and technology, etc) 




Here are some examples - - 


The main protagonist is an Aygiff  - Aygiff's can shape shift to different animals. Aygiff's have pointed ears that lay back against their heads, their hair is typically kept short with a rattail behind. The main protagonist has heterochromia with one eye emerald green, the other cobalt blue. aside from those descriptions, he'd look pretty typical. - oh, typically a more deep tan skin tone


Alacrin is a race who have an affinity toward insects. They are a smaller race, perhaps 4' average. They have light green skin (perhaps mint or lime green), short pointy ears with tufts of hair at the top, and a mohawk array of hair on top of their head


Cerateceans are a large, muscular race (roughly based on orcas) - no hair, a rounded skull with a slightly flat, but extended (but not elongated... if that makes sense) face with rows of sharp teeth in their large jaws, they have strong fins, or bony blades covered in skin that stick out from their forearms.  dark, slimy, amphibian-like skin - many have white splotches in their skin of different designs. 


Evianians - Male Evianis are rather normal looking, but they have wings attached to their back and matted feathers for hair. The females can't fly and don't have wings, but they also have feathers for hair, but they also have feathers decorating their arms and upper bodies They are typically tall, slim, and refined. While the male feathers can come in many colors, they are usually one solid color and not as bright as the females colors which can be a bright array of different tints. - for example, two support characters are a male and female Eviani - the male has cyan colored wings, and the female, his sister, has predominantly cyan colored feathers, but also has some greener and some bluer feathers as well, all blended in in a spectacular way... (hopefully that description makes sense...) 


Just a few examples... so far, other races are -  Faehin, L'entia, Vaelintry, Neulauhdian, Maunin, Loxor, Naksian, and Scyphozomian.   


 If you are interested or think this might be fun, please let me know 





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That sounds like a fun project- unfortunately I don't have the skillset to do it- but here's hoping that someone else does!

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I found your post. 😊 Your races sound super interesting! I'd love to try a few mockup sketches and then we could see where that leads. 

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