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I'm a plotter and not a pantser. I tried starting out as a pantser because that was the only thing I knew. Then, I read a few craft books (best one was Anatomy of Story by Truby) and that really solid

This quote from David Morrell got me thinking:   "An idea for a story has taken control of you, and you're eager to put it on the page.  What happens next?  I've heard of (a) few occasions i

I'd say "no."   I think that's for the perpetually organized.   I find that, even when I'm writing code, I'm working with what I'm writing like a sculptor does clay or stone.  So

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6 minutes ago, suspensewriter said:

My wife is afflicted by ADD, depression and anxiety, but she writes by sheer willpower.  I give her credit for that, but there's no substitute for willpower.

It’s affected my life, I can’t study for nothing.  I never graduated with a regular diploma, they gave me a special education diploma.  I never felt like I was an outcast all through out my high school days.  It’s been hard for me to cope with it, and keep my head on straight.  My biggest enemy is procrastination, and fear of rejection.   

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2 hours ago, suspensewriter said:

By the way, Johne, what techniques do you use?


I tried medications and that interfered with my creativity, so I just use behavioral modification - smartphone reminders and apps, and Cloud access and backups. 

And then the rest is as you say - enthusiasm, willpower, and personal drive.

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3 hours ago, Johne said:

I tried medications and that interfered with my creativity, so I just use behavioral modification - smartphone reminders and apps, and Cloud access and backups. 


I have a close relative who has AS and anxiety issues. On top of that they also have Chrons. For many years the AS and anxiety masked the Chrons. Since they got a proper diagnose last year and start meds things have changed for them. They now understand the difference between their flare ups and when they are genuinely anxious. It has made a world of difference to those living with them (including me). They too have strategies to help them as discussed in this forum.


What annoys me is how intolerant people are towards individuals like my relative. Employers are often unsympathetic and it is hard for them to access financial support because their condition does not prevent them from being mobile or active. (OK rant over)

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4 hours ago, suspensewriter said:

Which apps do you use, Johne?


I lean heavily on voice assistants: Google, Amazon, Apple. Whenever I think of something I'll need to remember to do later, I vocalize it to a Voice Assistant to bring to my attention later.

For instance, I have a Google Nest Hub by my computer and a Google Nest Hub Max in the kitchen. I can give them voice commands and see what's coming up on my calendar. They work great. Add in a couple Nest Minis and I have coverage throughout the house.

I also use Cloud-based services like Gmail (email), Pocket (web links), and Dropbox (Scrivener, etc). Using these tools helps me to focus and remember to get things done without forgetting.

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