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His Cursed Blessing (a delineated portrayal of King Solomon)

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The blessing of ages, the light of the world, 

Like a touch from angels, radiant splendor of a herald;

Wisdom abound from it's intricate doorstep, 

Flowing around him, discernment clung like a corset.


Same plot, burdened all the same, 

As the price of knowing disconcerts the main;

The more the knowledge, the greater the secrets enhance,

As his mind sees nothing of value, for all per chance.


Seeking purpose, looking place after place for a subtle hint, 

Counselor of man, bewilderment replaces befuddlement;

Many look to his counsel, amazed as to his context words,

Of words at alarming rate to halt presupposed flight of swords.


Searching, yearning to find the truth of purpose and of worth,

To find what makes the feeling prolong: that of the homely hearth;

Of all that we look for and work for throughout our life, 

The point of which peace flows through and all stops strife.


All encompassing, searchingly somber he to find reason,

Throughout the years, of days, months, and every minute of the season;

Every waking second stood he looking, truth evading,

Glaring in his face it stood, not realizing, ignorance restating.


In the field he looked with waving bands of single strands,

Where men toiled to bring food to the land with work of their hands;

Then followed into the streets, through main and slum he went,

Beggars, poor and simple, die with hunger as no food there sent.


Through a blacksmith hammer he looked uncanny,

With nail and shoe he pressed for horse so handy;

And through the back door stood the staunch horse,

Unused, uncared for, laying in pasture, wind puncturing, hair coarse. 


With forest encompassing, studied him in color,

As green flourished and life flittered, his thoughts sour;

Savagery expressed, as life runs in a circle so uselessly,

While fire and city grows on the embankment relentlessly.


Then to a wharf did he fly to embark to unseen places,

In a ship of the sea, of a vast sea they sailed to see all new faces;

A new visage, an old mask, as visited lands lay mislead,

With similar questions, they too look to the same, all conceited.


On to the market, expression of money and tangibility,

And so he works, comes to wealth and abode considerably;

He buys all to his content, hope renewed, yet it's controlled,

For he knows not to what end, realizing time decays all and is destroyed.


So to the temple he creeps, with despair and solemn perseverance,

He studies the words of God and listens to priest reservations;

Confounded, seeing corruption as lawmen and law contradict,

Even so studying, as teachers of men live life of the opposite.


Yet he comes to realize to his fault, his regarding error,

The error of all, other words, man as a whole is of erroneous labor;

Only the word of God, of the creator, could possibly reason lease,

And so pleased, his hope encompassing, the wise man sleeps in peace. 



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