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Celestials of the Majestic Truth

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(found in storage today some of my very old poems I wrote in High school. Hope you enjoy. - this one was my attempt at a love poem...with a twist.)


Emanating gray, tints of white arrayed,

Majestic skies of blue above the mountain's purple hue,

Wings of the great, our pride encompassing never late;

Falling, destined, as if on cue, replacing solitude renewed.

Swirling, twirling, as if alone, two complacent as one,

Diving, fighting, nature's impressment of love,

Sighing lightly, running slightly under the rising sun;

Fluttering, fleeting, no need of indifference solve.

Nesting, resting, two lay at bay with no touch of delay,

Worthy of note, loves enduring passion aloft,

Both perplexed to stay, the blooming cravings of May;

Of delicate touch, the caress... oh, so soft.

The birth of the new, full of life and fortitude of savvy jaegars,

Not of the sea, the majestic celestials are all but baby eagles. 

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