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(found in storage today some of my very old poems I wrote in High school. Hope you enjoy. - this one was written in remembrance of 9/11.)


A war on our homes, our hearts, and our minds,

Of strangers on every sense of worth and thought;

Sighted acceptance, the mask of tolerance rid with taut,

With malcontent and a misconception, our patience grinds.

Our understanding not withstanding their line of sight,

Fearing what we do not know acts as much on them as on us;

Imposing what makes sense to us, the paradox unsolved becomes dust,

Hostilities grow and extremes of impulse ignore what is right.

Truth forlorner, most unknown, actions of animosity engulfing all,

Estatic violence grow to coordinated malice, terror spreading;

Political failure leads to vigilante actions of chaotic heading,

As misteachings with misgivings adds rifts in international law.

Searching for purpose, radical actions increasingly hasten,

Tactics influence global death tolls, as terror shocks the nation.


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