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Net Color (Gospel Imagery)

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(found in storage today some of my very old poems I wrote in High school. Hope you enjoy. - this one was an attempt at biblical allegory.)


Blue waves of the silver lining,

Scattered shadows of the purple bane;

The simmering sun straining without comply to shining,

Onto the chaotic normalcy of the darker reign.

Unable to break through, on and on cower the grey hearted.

Doomed to fail, never to do, the clay ends before it has started.


Slivers of orange shine through all but frequent,

With a tint of yellow gracing the head of those below;

Dismal among many, bitter bickering among delinquent,

Black encompassing, all hope seeming shallow.

Red laws binding all to despair, none accomplishing,

By darkness, treachery all of this now demonstrating.


A story painted white tells of a prophecy of hope,

Light shines of the pages, of the wonderful words, in notes;

Beautifully orchestrated, the sound leaving blackness unable to cope,

And the light became life and walked with the weary as rote.

Not of the darkness, this light saw the despair of the revealed,

Blackness fought to consume this threat, which never prevailed.


Shimmering florescence spread throughout the surrounding faces,

As they finally understood, the grey had piqued, life throughout spreading;

Beady black eyes consumed by destruction, nothing more replaces,

Sought to continuously to obviate the plan of the light's heading.

Finally surrounding the light, the world goes black, then in splendor, a light,

So brilliant as to blank out the sun, and so ascends as intended leaving, with it's blood, the world pure white.



Edited by Jared Williams
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