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So I'm sure this has been done, but - being home a lot has got me craving games like a kid...and I thought of something I used to do as a kid. I used to write a page of a story, and a friend would write the next, then back to me, and so on. 


Do you think it's possible (without being mad confusing) to do that with a bunch of online writers? Just for fun? See what happens? I don't even need to be part of it, but I'd definitely be interested in reading it. :D

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Is this okay for a start?:


Skipper looked down at his stainless-steel bowl of dry dog kibbles, and sighed.  He lay down, rested his bushy snout on his big paws, and raised his eyebrows to his master who was watching TV nearby. 


The big dog looked down, and sighed again--he sighed louder, hoping that the master would hear--hoping that his master would get the message--he hates dog food.  He wanted to eat human food, even if that meant that he had to go into the kitchen and cook it himself! 

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