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Christian book promoters/agents?

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Looking for some expertise. My wife published a book called Because of You Old Glory Flies through Westbow Press. The book is a collection of poems and illustrations to honor our veterans and those serving in our military with its underlying foundation on God and His promises. It is available on Amazon and other places online, but we firmly believe that more people, groups, publishing houses, etc. on a national level need to see and have this book. Does anyone know of a strong Christian literary agent or Christian promoter of these types of books that we could reach out to? Appreciate any help. Thank you and God bless! Be safe.

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An agent probably won't take it on because it's already published. It rarely happens that they do. You could try VA groups to see if they would buy it. Will have to think on a promoter.


I hope you'll hop over to Meet and Greet and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you. :D

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Congratulations on publishing this honouring book!  You have a great cover, and I'm sure the poems are touching and inspiring too.

Since you've already done that work, I wouldn't look to do it again with a publisher.  Now is the time for promotion.  Contact every VA in your state and get them to share it with other states.  Get on the radio programs. Do talks at local churches and even bases. 

Get it done in audiobook!  People are taking to poetry in out loud!  

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