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I finished my autobiography (now what?)

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I finished writing and editing my autobiography.


It’s on Amazon for Kindle

Plans that Made God Laugh



I also have a website 



I’m not sure how to market it.  I have about 1000 friends on FB and just about as many LinkedIn connections.  I had over 100 likes on FB, and about 30 people bought it so far.

Is there any way to market it, advertise it, etc.?


I know there are writing conferences.  But, COVID probably has shut those down.


Thanks, stay healthy, and God bless.

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I'm sorry, Jim. Just seeing this. I hope I won't offend you but I took a like at chapter one. Using forms of to be should be avoided whenever possible. I counted nine uses of was in the first paragraph. Having one's book professionally edited is essential. 


As for marketing, you can use FB's ads. Or you can promote it in a comment for free. You can tweet about it on Twitter. Or use Pinterest. I would suggest googling "where to advertise a book" and see what you get. Here is a link for 50 simple suggestions for promotion. Here's another article on How to Promote Your Book: 8 Lessons from Bestsellers.


Hope this helps. And may your book do well! :)

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Thanks. I did have it professionally edited, and I appreciate your feedback.  My editor may not have had as much literary experience as some.  But, his credentials were what prompted me to hire him.  He had military aviation experience and was a Christian.


I suppose it’s not grammatically correct.  And, I am not trying to become the world’s greatest author. 

I really just want to get the story out there, in hopes that I can give hope to someone who needs it, especially in a trying time such as we have now.


 I don’t plan to write anything beyond this.  I wanted to tell my story.


 I do appreciate you showing me how to advertise the book.  That’s the particular feedback I was hoping to find.


 Thanks and God bless.

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I'm sorry if I offended you, Jim. You used the best editor for your story. I'm sure your story will bless others. May the Lord use it to bless many hearts. If I think of other ad suggestions, I'll let you know. :)

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