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Got tagged on this image. Had to share!  

I came across this today!   

This is so clever. If you can't read it (from let to right), make your screen view a little bigger...  

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12 minutes ago, Spaulding said:

Ohhh, it's only for 2 weeks? First I'm hearing for how long. (Will check our TP supply now. 🤔)

I think different places seem to have different times. Some places say two weeks and others 21 days. A few (mostly overseas) have said a month. So, I have no idea what it will actually be if we get stuck in one. 

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    The President has said that the coronavirus crisis should be over, and things will be back to normal by Easter Sunday.

    That would be a good day for it.  We the People shall all rise again.

    I wonder about the wording of that last sentence.  Would it be considered heresy? Blasphemy?  Profanity?  Obviously offensive to Christians? 

    Well whatever you call it, I truly apologize.      


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Here's my giggle for today.


I understand that posting humorous things about this otherwise dangerous pandemic upsets some people. While I do take the situation very seriously (I have family who are first-responders), I also feel that we need to keep a healthy sense of humor. Otherwise, we'll just descend into fear. I personally don't think that's the lifestyle God wants us to live.





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