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My thoughts race back and forth


I have no peace 


I long for something


Which I can not have


A joy that is not within my reach


A peace that doesn't exist


A song without lyrics


A poem without words 


Silence and darkness envelope the sky


I am weakend by its strength


I have succumed to the taunting


The lies resinate as truth


When His light doesn't shine through


I'm left in the dark


Edited by Nikki❤️
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8 hours ago, MaryAnn Diorio said:

Hi, Nikki,


You have a gift for poetry. Please tell me more about your poem--what inspired it, when you wrote it. 





Hi MaryAnn. 


Thank you for your kind words.  This poem was written from a place of deep emotional turmoil.   When I can't sleep at night this pours out of me.  

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