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Dear CWG folks,


I found out last year that I'm unable to have a website with a blog--as least not now.  I had wanted to share on the site a testimonial gospel tract I had made. This is still true.  I want to find a way to share it via the Internet, but no publishers are looking for my type of tract. It's more like a card when printed out and folded.  Would any of you, who have your own website, be willing to take mine and post it on your site?   And, could you report the response? It would mean so much.


If anyone is interested, I could post the text of it here to you to read.  I'll need to work on adding the pictures I included.


Thank you,

Beverly Waller

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Hi Jared,

 Thanks for replying, and for recommending Weebly.  I realize that I need to clarify what I was saying.  After spending a lot of time and effort creating websites on different web-builder websites, I found that I enjoyed creating them, but the work involved in having one with a blog was too stressful for me.  Part of the work is advertising, and I didn't learn to do that. That part is stressful and bewildering. (Most didn't know my site existed.) I didn't master writing blog articles; and I made a lot of mistakes. I concluded that right now, it wouldn't be a good choice to have this kind of website. 


Beyond this, having a free one would be my only option if I tried again.  I wanted to be able to host one myself, but it's too expensive.  My question now is this:  If I try again, would people be willing to visit a site with only a sub-domain? (I had read that people don't take those sites seriously.)  I would want my stuff to be read, not passed over because it lacked a personal domain.


I hope I made sense.  :)




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Thank you, Beverly. I still write devotionals and email them as a newsletter. I won't go into it here but life has been rather chaotic. If you search the general forum, I have 2 or 3 prayer requests if you'd like to catch up.


You might want to check with Weebly. You can buy a domain name but I don't know if there are any other expenses that go along with it. :)

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