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My life is like someone trying to

dig a hole in cement.

I get stuck in corners

that I cant get out of.

Been like a mom to a

8 year old who isn’t even mine.

My life is like a game of house where

I have to be the mother and my mom is the kid.

I felt like my childhood was

on the run from me.

Get hurt everyday by someone who knows i'm there

but wont take the chance to notice me.

Stay up late asking god

what are you gonna put me through next.

Wake up and thank god

for another day to be living.

She only talks to me when shes got nothing to do

or when shes mad at her boyfriend.

Help her with stuff even though

I have worse stuff going on in life.

Had to watch my mom get hurt by a guy

who barely pays attention to her.

Get hated on everyday

but that motivates me more and more.

Had to watch my mom get abused

and it hurt to know that I couldn’t save her.

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