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site-related question How do I delete a reply or get my reply deleted

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Hello support,


I wrote a reply to someones writing. However they took offence at it, and wrote to me in a way that is not ok. And I responded back to them, trying to get them to focus back on their post and writing and addressing what I have written. Because it went off topic. I don't want to discuss it, nor do I want to report this persons reply because had I not written on their post in the first place, they would not have written to me, and the whole situation would not have happened. I also saw my part in the provocation of this writer towards me, which means I saw the problems I had because of not writing in a direct, concise manner. And misunderstanding resulted. But I did see the problems writer and reader do have.  I also see the problems people are having with communication. So in the end it will end up being valuable because a solutions will come. But for now If I can get it corrected, I would be grateful.



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