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William D'Andrea

Request for Help With Aging Memory.

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     I am now 74 years old.  As I have often said I am in very good shape for a man my age.  I am now asking for prayers that I will remain that way for as long as possible.  The problem is that my memory is losing its strength.  I don't want to go into all the disturbing details. 

    For about ten years, I've been using the nutritional supplement FocusFormula, which "Supports Brain Health in 4 Ways.

    "1.  Improve Focus & Concentration.  2.  Supports Memory & Recall.  3.  Boosts Energy & Attention.  4.  Promotes Blood Flow."

   Until a few months ago, I found it very effective.  Now, recently some of those features have been declining, especially Concentration, Recall and Attention.  I just can't concentrate long enough to write anything longer than short messages like this.  I can no longer write fiction, come up with any original ideas; or write non-fiction either.  It's also causing other problems outside my writing.

    I've also been on a very healthy diet, which has been very helpful, and am now looking for other foods which also promote brain health.

    So I am now asking for prayers for the Lord to restore my concentration, recall and attention.  I'd also appreciate any advice about what foods would be helpful in overcoming memory loss, along with other nutritional supplements.  

   I ask this all in Jesus Name.  Amen.


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You might try the neutropics Alpha-GPC, or Bacopa, or huperzine-A (although I'd recommend taking Gingko Bilboa 2500 milligrams with this if you have blood pressure issues).  


Other than that, I'll pray for you.

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    I've checked the ingredients on the label of the FocusFormula Jar.  They are written in almost microscopic size, so I've had to use a magnifying glass to read them.  It does contain huperzine-a, omega-3 complex, and ginkgo-biloba among others.   

    I also have a jar of Ginkgo Smart Maximum/Focus and Memory.  "Powerful Brain Boosters for Memory and Mental Clarity".  The printing on this jar is even more microscopic.

    I've been wondering if I should combine the dosages, taking twice as much as what's recommended; but I don't know if doing that with nutritional supplements would be safe.

    I'd also like to find more actual foods that add to brain health.

    There's something else.  As soon as I posted the first message and prayer request, I began to have a sense of vitality and felt healthier.  I wonder if sharing prayers to the Lord is the extra added ingredient that will restore my memory.

     I thank the Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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Dad was about your age when he noticed his memory was off. (We noticed 10 years earlier, but he wouldn't believe us.) He could have been helped more had he believed us.


Hubby was in his 50s when memory issues hit. He assumed the same thing you're assuming. Ye olde "getting older" gig.


Is it something about guys that going to the doctor is just a no-go?


Fortunately, something blocked the vision in one of his eyes for four months, so he finally went to an eye doctor, who demanded he go immediately to our primary. That blocked vision was caused by a broken blood vessel that if it had been in any other part of his head, it would have caused a stroke. He had skyrocketing blood pressure.


While our primary told him that, she also got blood from him. That blood test told why his memory was going. (Middle-aged Christians do not get Hep C. Oh, but yes they do.)


If I could run down the whole list of what could cause memory problems, my Dad's reason would be at the top of the list, and no where, until 20 years ago, would hubby's reasons be on that list. (Chemo for Hep C caused other disabilities, so that wasn't the only reason his memory comes and goes. But know this, when he is treated for one of the reasons, the brain fog lifts enough that he can think well again.)


So, come on. Feel free to go see your doctor. It could be something easily treated that you never even considered.


BTW, hubby is as seriously into vitamins and minerals as you are. He's also had the three main causes of death, but God saved him all three times. Good diet and vitamins don't save. They just mean we're being responsible. God saves.

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    While I'm a man in very good health, which I consider a major blessing from the Lord, I should get myself a full medical examination.  I live in the Long Island community of Medford, about an hour and a half drive east of New York City.  We have a major hospital and a good number of clinics within a half hour bus ride from where I live.  So making an appointment shouldn't be any problem.

   I also have a regularly scheduled monthly appointment with a Chiropractor.  I've been seeing him for years, and believe that what he's been doing, pushing and pulling things into place, is a major part in keeping me in such good health.  I figure that when all your parts are in their right places, everything should work very well.

   I also have no trouble moving.  I go out walking at a vigorous pace every morning, for about a half hour.  Then I stroll around the local shopping center for about an hour, getting food items a the Stop and Shop, and other items in other shops, and stop for coffee at the local Fridays or the Bagel Shop.  Then I take a vigorous walk home.  Once I've returned, I don't feel at all exhausted. 

    I do have aches, pains and discomforts, which are just part of being alive.  I've prayed about them to the Lord.  I have pain relievers like Aleve, Tylenol, and Bayer Aspirin, which are very helpful.  I consider them blessing from the Lord.  I consider medications and nutritional supplements, when taken correctly as prescribed, to be blessings from the Lord.     

   As I said, I consider all these things to be major blessings from the Lord; which I pray he will continue to grant me, for as long as I live.  I now ask that He will grant the same blessings to everyone here on christianwriters.com.  I ask all this in Jesus Name.  Amen.


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