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What genre is it? What kind of fantasy?


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My new series is hard to name. I see it as an urban fantasy, but it's a completely invented world with unique measurements, weights, currency, and calendar/time. It generally has a medieval feel, but there's some technology. There's one dragon, but nothing else fantastic. There's some nasty demonic stuff, but nothing Hollywierd. The Lord does the normal miraculous things He's known for in spirit-filled circles, plus one type of thing that's never been done that I know of.

http://radiqx.com/2013/06/ferellon-gazetteer/ give you a feel for these things.


But what genre do I use? For me, it's a fantasy. But I don't know if readers will find what they expect. And I don't know if the best readers will be attracted.

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If it has a medieval  feel, then it is "classic" fantasy.


If it has steam engines somewhere: steampunk.


I'm still at a loss for a simplistic definition of "urban" fantasy aside from vampires that glisten in the sunlight, and a love triangle between a Mary Sue, a handsome, glittery vampire, and an equally hunky werewolf.


Then there's dark fantasy, that usually involves lots of bodily fluids, constant swearing, and a bunch of amoral rationalizing.


I personally like fantasy as a genera as it is a blank canvas you can literally pour anything onto.  But it requires a lot of background work that generally goes unwritten because...well...it's ancillary backstory.

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