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Need your prayers please

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Here's an update...


Just got home. They said we cut it close getting him to the hospital. His oxygen level was 70 instead of normal 100. He was blue. The nurse said if there's a next time, call an ambulance. Which I totally didn't think of at the time. But he looked totally different. Back to himself. They got him up to sit in the chair. Great nurse!


He did have a cold but he had a heart attack and congestive heart failure (fluid squeezing the heart and emptying into his lungs). He almost had pneumonia. The doctor may want a stress test on Monday. We'll have to see over the weekend. But he is so much better!


Bless you all for praying! 🧡

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70? Wow. That's a true miracle he lives.


Four years ago, I'm in the ER waiting to find out what's wrong with hubby, (and pretty sure it was a heart attack), when a nurse said to me, "I knew something was wrong when he came in. He was so gray."


Gray?  Didn't notice at all. Too busy noticing how hard it is for him to breathe. (BTW, it was both -- was and is a heart attack. The "congested heart failure" variety, which are creepy words for doctors to use without explanation after the heart attack part was over. Still creepy, even knowing what it means.)


A couple of months ago, a resident tells him how nicely pink he was, after he was given his oxygen machine. He was lacking any form of pink before that because his oxygen was down below 90. Still cannot tell the difference, but at least he can now.


Sooo, when they lose pink it is time to worry.


If your hub gets to the oxygen machine level, I give you the words hubby's pulmonologist said. "We can give you all sorts of drugs that slow down the progress. BUT we can offer one thing that truly adds to your life. Oxygen." The machine is a royal pain to live with, but I do love he can get enough oxygen now. On the machine he averages 96.

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Oh, thank you, sweetie. Sounds very similar. With a rhinovirus (cold) that probably started it all. They also found that he has sleep apnea. So not good. He's been getting lots of oxygen. Don't know if he'll have to have continual oxygen or not. So glad your hubby is okay.


He'll be going to the cath lab on Monday to check out his heart.


Thank you! 🧡

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19 hours ago, lynnmosher said:

His oxygen level was 70 instead of normal 100. He was blue. The nurse said if there's a next time, call an ambulance.

My wife and I were visiting my mother (95) when the nurse was there. She was taking my mom's oxygen level which was good. So I said let me test mine. mine was 98. then when  my wife was tested, her oxygen level was 80 and the nurse you should see a doctor right away. Her oxygen level would not go up by itself. Later she was put on oxygen continuously, for three years, until she went to heaven. A 70 reading is scary. I am glad that it is back up. 

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