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Prophetic 1102


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Hear ye the Word of the Lord..


I told you my daughter, my son

No good thing will i without from you

And when i make a promise i may not come through when and how you want me to

But know this;

I have not left you and will never forsake you.

I knew you from you were in your mother's womb

There was purpose then

And i still have that purpose upon your life and for your life.

If you seek me, you will find me

I am here now with you

And i will be there with you.

Affliction shall not rise up a second time.

Trust me saith the Lord.

You are relying on your own strength

You are no longer a babe.

I am about developing your character

To fulfill a greater good.

It has been about those who i want you to touch, yet

Look not at their faces

Just listen to my voice which makes the difference.

This is the Word from our Lord this time and this season.  

11:27pm receive and watch Jesus Christ work.  






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