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The Muse Comes During The Work

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How writing anything - even crap - for thirty minutes a day can greatly Improve your writing skill and production. As Roger Ebert wrote, "The Muse comes during the work."



I’m ready to accept that the only way I can write a story is to write my way into it with huge swaths of words that I know won’t appear in the final draft, and don’t have to be written as if they will. This is a major breakthrough for me!”

I know, I know...

Laugh all you want. It’s not as if I didn’t know about daily writing. It’s not as though Shawn Coyne himself didn’t tell me that if the Muse finds me sitting in my chair not just once, but three or four days in a row, she might start taking me seriously and dropping some inspiration into my head.  I failed to accept that a steady half-hour-a-day commitment really, truly will bring results.

I didn’t quite realize that writing a lot of crap—feeling stupid, blundering in the dark, going repeatedly astray—is the only way to skim the scum off the surface of my creative well and start to find fresh water.



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Sometimes I just let a chapter or concept "ferment" in my brain until I can't stand it any more, and spill it out onto the page.  My family must think I am completely nuts as I sit there mumbling dialog to myself over and over again, looking for something that stands out.


But yeah - there are a number of times where I'm thumping on a keyboard, and I write something a that makes me going, "ohhhh yeah!"

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