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Hello all, I'm Craig Hastings

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I found this group by accident and wanted to check it out. I live in Oklahoma City (OKC) but actually out in the rural area. OKC covers a lot of ground. Anyway, I live here with my wife of 44 years and am retired Air Force. We lived over 20 years in Germany and the UK and came back to the US in 2005. My day job is a Computer Systems Analyst and I currently work for DELL under contract with a major Aircraft Corporation. Before this I worked with the US Department of Defense and our Intelligence Agencies. All told over 45 years in the IT world.


I started writing novels several years ago and currently have two series in the works. One is a spy thriller series and the other is a Christian Romance / Family Epic series. There are currently two full books in this series and I'm working on the draft of the third. I'm currently trying to find an agent for representing me in the hopes of getting these published. I feel these books are a wonderful platform to help spread the Christian message. 


I'm also a lay preacher and have been an interim pastor in a few small missionary churches. I currently teach an Adult Bible Study class and am a Deacon in my church. 


As I said, my wife and I live in OKC with our three miniature Dachshunds, (They're nice enough to let us live in their house) We have two sons, one who lives in Iowa and the other who lives here in OKC. 


Guess that is it for now but I will leave you with this. It's my life's motto taught to me by my Grandmother Josie.


It's okay. God's in charge.

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Welcome to our writing family, Craig . You have a lot under your belt. Thanks great. Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Congrats on your books. Blessings on your writing! :D

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Good on you, Craig and your wife, for a very blessed service life.


It was such a joy reading your story that I almost forgot I came in here to Meet & Greet, and to join the house to welcome you to CW. Thanks for sharing.


A big welcome!

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